I run a free press release distribution site called PressRelease001.com and for some time I’ve had a problem with a number of registered members who sign up under different user names and submit poor quality and unwanted items.

These users are particularly keen on submitting items that are based around pay day loans. I use the Modr8 module that reinstates useful functionality that was removed from the core of version 5 onwards and which allows the webmaster to hold back submissions in a moderation queue and then send a refusal or acceptance email after they have been denied or approved.

Now one would think that repeatedly receiving rejection emails would put off these individuals from submitting anything further to PressRelease001, but it isn’t the case.

This service is free for everybody and at the moment I’m hardly making any money from Adsense. A couple of weeks ago I snapped while looking at yet another moderation list of “info-spam”.

I’ve had False Account Detector installed and active for some months so I knew that the problem users didn’t number in their hundreds but were actually four or five individuals who were creating multiple accounts. There is a supposed block facility with False Account Detector but it doesn’t seem to be working.

So in stepped Troll and Misery. The particular benefit of Troll is it allows the webmaster to easily ban a user by IP address; while Misery allows a user to be inflicted with random 403 or 404 pages, forcing them away from the site without actually banning them outright.

And to war I went. It took a couple of weeks but eventually I managed to stop most of these idiots – inflicting “misery” on them was particularly satisfying.

If you are dealing with user-generated content on a Drupal site then it is impossible to stop spam outright, but you can contain the problem and stop it from getting out of control.

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